The Office – Season 1, Episode 1: Do You Know Who I Am?


Emma is interviewing for a new office job as PA for Mr Giuliano. Knowing that his current secretary had been called away on an errand by a hoax caller, she enters the office unchallenged. Emma immediately highlights this as a lack of security in the building, and uses it as a good reason why her potential new boss needs to employ someone more responsible than his current PA . Mr Giuliano had very recently been recruited as Office Manager at one of Gareth ‘Grandad’ Williams’ (of the ‘Dark Room‘ series) businesses. His orders are to “balance the books”, enforce staff discipline, and offer training opportunities to young ladies in their final year at Red  Moon Rising Academy, primarily on how to serve dominant men and  become domesticated.

His first task is to employ a secretary in the Miss Moneypenny mould, that he can trust to say very little and turn a blind eye to things she may see in the course of her duties.  Emma claims she  is an experienced PA with good references, or at least that’s on her CV.  Mr Giuliano immediately quizzes her on her credibility and decides to show her he is in charge of the conversation and she should speak when she is asked to. He hauls Emma across his knee and spanks her with his hand, a leather paddle and then a strap, as Emma protests that he may regret  it.

He then moves Emma to the sofa and continues to paddle and interrogate her on who she really is and why she is there. However, Emma is good at keeping secrets and refuses to tell, and at the end  of his spanking and some corner time he offers her the  job as his new secretary.

Meanwhile, Ana the next candidate  innocently enters and witnesses the noise and the end of the spanking as Emma is leaving. Mr Giuliano interviews Ana and decides to take the opportunity  to spank her anyway for his own pleasure, even though Emma has already been offered the job as his PA. As Ana is leaving little does she  know that Emma had stayed around to watch.


Episode Runtime: 16:25

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