Red Moon Rising Academy – Season 1, Episode 8: This Wasn’t Part of the Deal!


Head Girl Bella arrives in class to be met by Mr Burden, a new Teacher. Two girls (Ana and Ella) immediately burst into the room having a fight that started in the playground over a boyfriend. Bella asserts her authority and pulls them apart before Mr Burden takes charge but asks Bella to join him in punishing the girls. Bella and Mr Burden take turns spanking and strapping the girls at either end of the table.

Eventually the new girl Ella has taken enough and has a very sore bottom so she is sent to the corner, while Ana who remains defiant continues to argue.  Ana is spanked even more severely for carrying on the argument and is sent to the corner to join Ella. Bella, thinking that this is the end of it, is surprised to learn that Mr Burden thinks she has exceeded her powers. He decides to teach her a lesson and spank her too, showing Bella that she is still a schoolgirl in his charge and he can spank her whenever he feels like it. Bella protests but is given a frantic spanking and strapping of her own to match the other girls. All three girls are in the corner to display their matching red bottoms, and Bella mutters something about him regretting what he has done, which at this point he laughs it off. Little does he know!…

M/F, F/F

Episode Runtime: 18:06

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