Red Moon Rising Academy – Season 1, Episode 6: So you Want to be Head Girl?


In Episode 5, Bella’s Grandad had ‘agreed’ with Headmistess Katerina that his Grand-daughter Bella should be Head Girl at the school. However she needs some training so is called to the Headmistress’s study to discuss the role and have some experience, of not only learning how to discipline the girls, but also being able to take it. Bella is spanked by Mistress Katerina as preparation.

Meanwhile Miss Lolani brings Lucy to the office for her punishment, following on from her earlier spanking for running a protection racket.  Miss Lolani and Headmistress Katerina demonstrate to Bella how a really naughty girl should be punished, and in between Bella experiences the same from them both. Bella sets to work on Lucy’s bottom and finally gives her the cane. The new Head Girl earns her stripes and also leaves the office with a sore bottom of her own. Lucy later appears in an episode of ‘The Dark Room‘ series and gets her revenge!


Episode Runtime: 16:25

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