Red Moon Rising Academy – Season 1, Episode 5: The Extraordinary Extortionist


The episode begins with Gareth ‘Grandad’ Williams visiting Headmistress Katerina to discuss his grand-daughter Bella becoming the Head Girl. It is not so much of a discussion but an insistence. The consequences of this conversation are seen in Episode 6, and also cross over into ‘The Dark Room‘ series.

Meanwhile, Lucy Grey (played by Logan Gray) has been running a protection racket in school and bullying the other pupils. She claims she is setting up a gang because the school doesn’t have good enough protection for the pupils. Although this is a tough inner city school, Miss Lolani is appalled that one of her girls has become a bully and is preying on the other girls extorting their pocket money in return for their own safety. Miss Lolani confronts Lucy in the corridor and drags her up to the classroom, where she is spanked hard across her knee and given a stern strapping with the leather paddle. In Episode 7, Miss Lolani takes Lucy for part two of her discipline with the Headmistress, and a surprise ‘guest’.

Introducing Logan Gray


Episode Runtime: 10:42

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