Red Moon Rising Academy – Season 1, Episode 4: Vlog it, Flog it, and the Shopkeeper’s Revenge!


Mallory and Bella want to become celebrity vloggers and make lots of money, so they decide to sell cosmetics on their online channel. Unfortunately Headmistress Katerina finds out about this and asks them to report to a classroom at lunchtime. When she says “So how many did you sell?”, the girls know they are in deep trouble. The naughty young ladies are placed at either end of the teacher’s desk and spanked. Just as they are dismissed, the local shopkeeper bursts into the classroom and identifies Bella and Mallory as the two girls who stole cosmetics from his shop. Headmistress Katerina assures him they will be dealt with after school.

After school the girls wait and fidget nervously for their Headmistress, knowing they will soon be feeling very sorry for themselves. Headmistress Katerina arrives and examines their bottoms to confirm that they need a far more serious punishment. The girls are given the ruler and strap. A  photograph is taken of their sore bottoms as requested by the Shopkeeper, so that he is satisfied he has had his revenge.

Introducing Mallory Field

Episode Runtime: 16:31

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