Ella Jaye

My names Ella! I’m a 28 year old model based in Manchester.

Have experience working with photographers in London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. I also have experience in acting, extra work, promotions and modelling competitions. Modelling and travelling are my 2 passion’s and I’m so grateful that I’ve had the chance to turn my 2 favourite things to do into a career.

The goal is to provide entertainment and make people smile with my work and encourage everyone else to embrace their natural beauty without being ashamed of being different. Modelling is my job and much as I enjoy going to work I strictly accept paid shoots only. As much as we all love photography I simply (and sadly) don’t get the time to work for free and have dedicated years to building up experience and network as well as doing practice shoots in my own personal time. Please note a chaperone may be brought to private shoots if its the first time working with you unless you have some awesome references or you’ve been recommended by word of mouth. I do this purely for safety (so please don’t take it personally) and advise every model to do the same. I will also be happy to work with someone who is new to the industry and help you to grow – patient and understand that everyone has to start somewhere. All I ask is every photographer be respectful and act in a professional manner and vice versa.

Thank you for reading.

My Model site pages:

Purpleport: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/ellajaye/

Model Mayhem: https://www.modelmayhem.com/emily-jay