We offer a range of pricing plans to suit all of our customers as follows:

PAY AS YOU GOIf you wish to download our videos on a one-off basis, or to help you decide if you wish to become a member, you will be charged the full price shown for every download.
STANDARD MEMBERSHIP£10 per month membership fee, and you will receive 40% discount off of every video download.JOIN NOW
PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP£25 per month membership fee, and you will receive the benefits of STANDARD MEMBERSHIP, plus you will be entitled to DOWNLOAD 5 FREE VIDEOS a month (worth approximately £65)JOIN NOW


  • You will be billed by Epoch.com who will handle all of your billing and account transactions in your local currency.
  • When you become a Member, you will be given a User Name and Password and go straight to the LOGIN page to access your benefits.
  • We do not operate recurring billing but will send you an email reminder close to the end of your monthly membership expiration, asking you if you wish to renew.


We plan on offering SUPER MEMBERSHIP, that will not only include discounts on all of our videos, but also additional benefits and events that will bring you closer to our team!