Red Moon Rising Media is a spanking new fetish/BDSM company bringing you so close to the action you can almost feel it!

Influenced by the great spanking movie makers, our goal is to create atmospheric films using current and historical themes and backdrops, whilst staying true to our core belief that naughty girls should always be spanked hard!

Our serialized TV shows and feature-length movies will be a mix of traditional mainstream scenes; such as schoolroom spanking and domestic discipline as well as venturing into darker and more sexually erotic art forms, but at all times working with consensual adult role players who will be safe, happy, and feel part of our growing team.

We will feature established celebrity and international models as well as developing homegrown talent. We are always seeking spanking/fetish models and M/F Dominants to work with us so please get in touch.
We will be adding new genres, locations, seasons and series as we develop, and will use innovative ways to connect with you. We will be brave and bold and experimental, whilst listening to you and modifying our behavior, something we regularly do to our lovely young ladies!

BDSM is about satisfying wants and needs, Red Moon Rising Media WANT to give you everything you NEED!

Our videos are currently only available for download on a pay-as-you-go basis. However, we will be offering Membership, Super Membership and other fantastic benefits in the very near future.