The Dark Room – Season 1, Episode 2: Turning the Tables


In Episode 6 of Red Moon Rising Academy, Lucy Jones had been building up a reputation for running a successful protection racket in the school. She was caught and punished by her teacher Miss Lolani.

Meanwhile Belle had heard that Lucy had built up some bigger contacts outside of school too, and was trying to take away some of Bella’s Grandad’s customers. Lucy is called to see Mr Williams about some work experience in one of his offices, only to find her classmate Belle sitting in the hot seat, because Grandad wanted to give her some experience at the helm. Belle, believing Lucy is a competitor, wastes no time in ordering her to strip naked, and she spanks and punishes her with a leather paddle. By the end of the punishment Lucy is now an employee of the firm, working for Belle.

To Lucy’s surprise the next visitor is Miss Lolani, who had also conveniently been invited to speak to Grandad about the disciplining of his beloved Belle at school in Red Moon Rising Academy (Episode 7) .  Lucy had told Belle that it wasn’t her who was the leader of the new protection racket, but it is Miss Lolani who is the leader!. Belle, still aggrieved at being punished in school by Miss Lolani, is suspicious despite Miss Lonani’s denials. When she offers her teacher regular money to work for her, and Miss Lolani accepts, it is clear that Lucy was telling the truth all along.

Belle tells Miss Lolani that she must now work for the firm, or she will tell her Grandad that Miss Lolani is the ringleader of the other business. However, before they can work together, Belle give Lucy the chance to prove herself to Belle, and also get her revenge for both of them, so she leaves Lucy in charge of what happens next. Miss Lolani is forced to strip naked and is at the mercy of Lucy who enjoys every moment of turning the tables!


Episode Runtime: 21:42

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